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This is the dancer’s way of making a connection with the women in the audience, so he was extra suave.He told me he’s been a dancer for years, having danced at Chippendale’s down in Orlando before making his way to New York. “And we’re a lot raunchier here than at Chip’s.”He wasn’t kidding. All around me, women of all ages and races were shoving bills down men’s jeans as payment for dances.Here was this incredibly buff, shirtless guy paying me special attention, even flipping me over and spanking me, while two women I’d made friends with took videos and pictures of me. But I didn’t really know if I was sexually stimulated.So what was the appeal of a male strip club for me?

But, as Roddy collected the from me and moved on to his next girl, who was looking up at him like he was an Adonis, I realized I might be in the minority.

Another show, Thunder From Down Under, hails from Australia and has two troupes of men touring the country, as well as one permanent residency in Vegas.

Then there’s Magic Men Live which begins touring in April.

Two hundred chairs were lined up in front of a stage that reminded me of the one in my middle school gym. “hot seats,” where patrons can pay 0 at the door to get bumped and grinded on stage.

Once in the room, Roddy, a buff, bronzed, man-bunned bro, approached me and introduced himself.

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