14 yr old dating

He is making a habit of choosing unavailble girlfriends.I am hoping to get some insight from all of you as to why?And he is more likely closer to her maturity-wise than to a girl his own age.

We've been through quite a few years of therapy and are trying to apply our skills on our own now. It's been a few weeks since we talked before this post and I feel I have some good insight on how to phrase our next talk. lol I have teenage sons but have not dealt with this specifically.

Going forward there will be clearer guidelines about the ages of girls he is allowed to date.

The input I am really seeking is what might be the motivations behind this "unavailable/inappropiate" trend. I think my biggest concern is around a statutory rape situation, so that is why I am being so adamant about the supervised dates.

Since the creative power of God is assumed by believers to be infinite, God could have engineered creation in just this manner -- perhaps with the intent of fooling future generations of scientists.

The only logical explanation for these observations is that the world formed billions of years ago.

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