Adults have been attacked on occasion, including an incident in which a policeman was killed and partially eaten by three wolves after dismounting from his horse to relieve himself.

On January 2, 2005 in the village of Vali Asr, near the town of Torbat Heydariya, northeastern Iran, a wolf pack attacked a homeless man in front of witnesses.

The mountains of Turkey have served as a refuge for the few wolves remaining in Syria.

A small wolf population occurs in the Golan Heights, and is well protected by the military activities there.

Indian wolves have a history of preying on children, a phenomenon called "child-lifting".

In 1878, 624 people were killed by wolves in Uttar Pradesh, and 14 others were killed in Bengal during the same period.

Black specimens are rare, but have been recorded in India's Solapur district and two regions of Iran.

They are mainly found outside of protected reserves and feed mainly on domestic animals, such as goats or sheep.

However, in areas where natural prey is still abundant, for example in Velavadar National Park or Panna Tiger Reserve, natural prey species are still preferred.

It is only found in the arid and semi-arid peninsular plains of India. The fur is generally greyish-red to reddish-white with grey tones.

In April 2009, the Latin binom Canis indica had been proposed for these 2 haplotypes as a nomenclatural and taxonomic split from Canis lupus as a new species through the Nomenclature Specialist on the CITES Animals Committee. pallipes in its outer appearance (morphological features) and its social/reproductive behavior, but it is smaller in size and weighs 25 kg on average, which may be the lowest of all wolves. The hairs are grizzled with black, particularly on the back, which sports a dark V-shaped patch around the shoulders.

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Although protected since 1972, Indian wolves are classed as Endangered, with many populations lingering in low numbers or living in areas increasingly used by humans.

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