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With VMware Fusion, I can use the virtual machine to run critical Windows or application updates in the background so my Bootcamp partition is always ready for me when I actually use it.This includes downloading and updating games from Origin, which can take a long time due to sheer download size, and would keep me away from my OS X partition for a long time had virtual machines not been an actual thing.

Plus, you might say I enjoy paying .99 per month after my student discount that I applied for a couple of years ago rather than paying .99 per month for Apple Music.

I use VMware Fusion quite regularly to update all my stuff and use apps that are typically Windows-only, but I rarely game from it because graphics performance just isn’t as good when you’re playing from a virtual machine.

I’ll also use VMware Fusion whenever Windows-only jailbreak tools are released for i OS.

Although there are plenty of great apps already built into OS X, I use a lot of third-party apps on my Mac to give it more functionality tailored to my needs, as I’m sure many other Mac users do too.

In this piece, I’ll be sharing what my five favorite third-party apps to use on my Mac on a daily basis are, and I’ll also share why I love using them.

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