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Chile has come a long way since the dark days of the oppressive Pinochet years between 19, when gay people were detained and reportedly killed.

In just a few decades, the country has quickly evolved to having major gay events, a strong queer culture and is on the way to passing marriage equality laws.

Since those awful days, the Chilean LGBT community has started to gain more visibility: by encouraging more public debate about LGBT issues and increasing awareness about us.

This has caused public opinion to shift in our favour, and in turn, Chilean society evolved to accept us, realising we did not choose to be this way.

Santiago’s gay scene is huge, with gay couples holding hands/kissing publicly in the streets and one of the largest gay clubs in the whole of South America, , is in Viña del Mar.

All the local gays guys we met in Chile were open and comfortable with their homosexuality.

In terms of gay clubs in Santiago, my favourites are Barcelona at Bunker and Toby at Femme.Instead of telling me off for this, he bought me a gender neutral toy to play with: a giraffe!I loved it and at the same time, it stopped other children teasing me.A decade ago you wouldn’t have seen anything like this at all anywhere in Chile, which goes to show how far we’ve evolved on LGBTQ rights today.After coming out, I experienced homophobia from family members, especially the older generation.

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I can almost excuse them because that is generational, so we’ve reluctantly learnt to live with each others’ differing opinions of life.

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