Accommodating learning disabilities

It is important to consider how your organization can tap this potential source of employees.A disability can be either permanent (for example, a hearing or mobility impairment) or temporary (for example, a treatable illness or temporary impairment that is the result of an accident).It is important to check with your provincial/territorial Human Rights Commission.Also, recent jurisprudence has widened the applicability of accommodation.The following preferred words and phrases will help you choose language that is neither demeaning nor hurtful.Were working on the upcoming paper in my critical writing class.This may be due to fear of, for example, being passed over for promotion or embarrassment because of society's stigma of their disability.If you suspect that one of your employees requires accommodation, approach the employee confidentially and non-confrontationally to discuss if there is a situation that could be fixed with an accommodation.

Staff members may have varying degrees of experience interacting with a person with a disability.

Affirm to the employee that they will not be negatively affected by disclosing this information or in the accommodation process.

The only grounds for not accommodating an applicant or employee having personal characteristics protected by the Canadian Human Rights Act is if the exclusion is based on a bona fide occupational requirement (BFOR).

The CCRW connects employers with job seekers who have disabilities and is committed to promoting and supporting the meaningful and equitable employment of persons with disabilities.

The national office is located in Toronto with an employment services office in Moncton, New Brunswick and project offices across Canada in Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and British Columbia.

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