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We will look at several scenarios between eighth-graders Elle and Madison to get a better understanding of how relational aggression can manifest.

Elle is the bully, and Madison is new to the school. Gossiping is talking about someone behind their back.

Yes, preschool children participate in relational aggression, too, and often in a very direct way (such as, 'You are not my friend anymore' or 'You can't play with us') compared to older children who express relational aggression in less direct manners.

In preschool, programs entail puppet shows, role playing scenarios, established rules about everyone's right to play and participate, and arts and crafts to engage kids in learning about relational aggression.

Elle told the varsity football's quarterback that Madison was cool, but that she had problems wetting the bed at night.

This may be a large motivating factor in what encourages relational aggressors.

Relational aggression is seen mostly during the less-structured time at school: recess, gym, school bus rides, and lunch.

The 2004 comedy Mean Girls showcased an important social psychology principal: relational aggression.

One of the major themes in this movie was bullying.

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