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But, reiterated Chang, there’s a difference between sex and getting to know someone.“Do we even know the first names of the people we have sex with?But, said Chang, there’s also a lot you can do to educate people who are HIV-negative about what it means to date and have sex with people who are HIV-positive.Many online dating apps make it easy to disclose right up front that you’re living with HIV.Often, men become friends because they’re playing a sport, in a fraternity together, or in the military together.Does there have to be a shared activity or a challenge in order for friendships to form?“And, that includes that you’re living with HIV or AIDS.” You might, he said, have to come out of the “HIV closet.” Get support, from friends, family, peers or professionals working in the field of HIV if possible.And, don’t be afraid to talk to a professional therapist or counselor to work through issues or concerns.

Neal Sheran, the Special Populations Clinical Chief at the HIV clinic at Mission Neighborhood Health Center, selects speakers for the event that share information about HIV health and wellness and other topics of concern for people living with HIV. Sheran invited Rafael Chang, LMFT, to facilitate a discussion on HIV, stigma and dating and give good advice on how to find love as an HIV-positive person. The night started with a simple question posed by Rafael Chang.

One community member shared that he has heard from people who feel “walloped over the head” when a sex partner reveals their status.

Another attendee expressed concern over HIV criminalization laws, and how they’re enforced on people living with HIV that have sex with HIV-negative partners. Maybe it’s just better to come out and say you’re HIV-positive early on.” There’s no easy answer to this one, and the answer may change depending on how you meet a partner, the kind of relationship you’re seeking, and many other factors.

Take the time to talk to your partners and get to know them.

Although some people say that sex for gay men is the “the gay handshake,” don’t discount the experience of getting to know someone you jump into bed.

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