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Aunt Makrine had a significant impact on Ilia's life, because, after 1852, when Ilia's father Grigol died, she was the only remaining caretaker of the family.

Ilia attended a private school for three years before he entered the 1st Academy of Tbilisi in 1851.

From his parents, Ilia learned the inspiring stories of Georgian heroism in classical historical novels.

In his autobiography, Ilia refers to his mother, Princess Mariam Chavchavadze, who knew most Georgian novels and poems by heart and encouraged her children to study them.

After graduating from the academy, Ilia decided to continue his education at the University of St. That same year, Ilia was admitted to the University of St. During his student years, numerous revolutions sprang up in Europe which Ilia observed with great interest.

; 8 November 1837 — 12 September 1907) was a Georgian writer, political figure, poet, and publisher who spearheaded the revival of the Georgian national movement in the second half of the 19th century, during the Russian rule of Georgia.

He is Georgia's "most universally revered hero." Inspired by the contemporary liberal movements in Europe, as a writer and a public figure, Chavchavadze directed much of his efforts toward awakening national ideals in Georgians and to the creation of a stable society in his homeland.

Ilia was the third son of Grigol Chavchavadze and Mariam Beburishvili.

Grigol, like his father and his famous ancestors, had a military background.

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He is considered the main contributor of Georgian cultural nationalism.

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