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Take a drive through the countryside, stopping at the numerous ruins and ancient sites that dot the landscape.

Enjoy unique Armenian cuisine in cities such as Gyumri or Vagharshapat.

Then there is the Christmas season, which is celebrated with much pageantry, glitter and light, especially in the larger cities.

Combine the majestic scenery with Austria’s musical heritage and you have a whole world to discover and enjoy in Austria.

Fly with Austrian Airlines to the very heart of Europe – Austria.In earlier times, the ‘tracht’ identified a person as belonging to a particular group in terms of social and legal status (married, single), origin or trade.Today, you will still see ‘tracht’ being worn with pride in many places, The regional varieties are pronounced and vary in color combinations, accessories and may include unique hats for men as well as women.Stroll through the streets of Minsk, the nation’s capital, touring sites such as the iconic Independence Square, the National Opera and Ballet Theatre with its unique architecture, or the Church of Saints Peter and Paul.Taste the excellent local cuisine, including draniki – the national dish.

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The procession is to shed light during the dark winter months and to bring luck for the new year.

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