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Within my Access form (VBA) what do I need to write to tell my database if the primary emails are the same only create a new record within the position applied for table that is related to the persons primary email?

Tables: tbl Person_Information Personal_ID (PK) First_Name Last_Name Clearance_Type Primary_Phone Primary_email Education_Level tbl Position_Applied_for Position_ID Position_Personal_ID (FK) Date_of_Submission sounds like your tables are not set up correctly.

Before we start to describe the steps necessary to add or remove modules on Auto Update center, it's necessary to understand all of the entities involved in the Auto Update content management process.

UC consists of a set of Net Beans module (*.nbm) files (in a defined directory structure) and autoupdate catalogue file in XML format.

I have tried implementing it and keep coming up with an error.

It seems like it almost finishes but never copies the new file to the destination.

To use it all you need to do is provide the column headings to be used in your database, click on the Form icon, and Excel will do the rest.

Add the following records to the database by entering the data into the form fields next to the correct headings.

Sometimes, invalidating a control doesn't always work.As it tells me it cannot find the file in the directory where the FE client file should be. If you have had bad experiences with it please let us know in a comment below and we will investigate it further.The left columns would back date themselves automatically.Yes, it's possible, but it requires writing a script to achieve it.

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Because the WM_PAINT (the underlying windows message) is one of the lowest priority message in the message queue.

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