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Two of Israel's kings are credited with important contributions in this area: 1) Solomon (1 Kings -34) and 2) Hezekiah (Proverbs 25:1). Hakam) had assumed sufficient prominence in Judah to be classed with prophet or priest (Jeremiah 8:8-9; ), although there is still some question as to whether he was recognized as a professional or simply as an unusually wise citizen. Alliteration and Acrostic Patterns (Psalm 37, Proverbs -31) 4. In the New Testament, the book of James is a good example of proverbial wisdom literature.

As the phenomenon of prophecy faded in the Persian and Greek periods of Israel's history, the wise man gained in stature, as such important apocryphal works as The Wisdom of Ben-Sirah (Ecclesiasticus) and The Wisdom of Solomon, demonstrate. Literary Devices The wise men employed several literary devises as aids to memory: 1. Wisdom's contributions are most readily discernible when its peculiar vocabulary, techniques, and didactic content are all present in the text.

You often won't know what you have, let alone need, in your life until you clear the mental and emotional room to experience the here and now.

We don't have to stay buried under the past or cycles of mistakes, even though it may seem insurmountable. You have to keep your mental and emotional house clean and in order.

A little self-esteem goes a long way in garnering the courage to ask and answer questions that reveal who you really are and what you really want.

The Lord's peace often results when each side comes close to His viewpoint, His perfect plan for both parties.You must focus on what's important when it comes to your relationships.Lightening your load means knowing when to release things.Have the wisdom to see the importance of giving you all to your relationships today!When you see yourself as valuable enough to deserve love and attention from the other person, you form a boundary that you will not compromise.

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Such influences are apparent in the teachings methods of Jesus -- for instance his use of proverbs and parables.

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