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Cancer shouldn’t be an excuse for not trying to meet new people and make new friends. You can also find cancer survivor support groups where you can talk with others about dating and new relationships. If someone doesn’t want to see you again, you haven’t failed.

After all, not all dates worked out before you had cancer.

Dating is exciting — but having cancer or having had cancer in the past can make the search for a relationship seem daunting. “Dating was hard and scary even before you had cancer, and all of those fears are probably still there after the cancer,” says Memorial Sloan Kettering clinical social worker Barbara Golby.

You may wonder: Am I ready to put myself out there again? “Only now you’re dealing with the fears and insecurities that come up as a result of cancer.”Those worries may look like a fear of rejection because of your history with the disease, body image hang-ups, and a more general struggle to regain your equilibrium after a frightening and draining experience.

While you can’t control the other person’s reaction, you can control how you deliver the message.

There are plenty of people who battle cancer and go on to find romance and love.“Remember that dating is about finding common interests and values, and enjoying one another’s company,” Ms. “This has not changed just because you had cancer.” . You can also schedule an appointment with our Female Sexual Medicine and Women’s Health Program by calling 646-888-5067, or with our Male Sexual and Reproductive Medicine Program at 646-422-4359.

Try to remember that many people – whether or not they’ve had cancer – are unsure of themselves when dating and starting new relationships. If you have worries or difficulties with dating after cancer, talking with a counsellor may help.A cancer diagnosis can shake people’s self-confidence, making them feel betrayed by their body or as if they don’t have as much control over their future as they once did, Ms. This loss of confidence can make it harder to pursue a relationship.Start to rebuild your confidence by reminding yourself what you have to offer a potential partner and the traits you value most about yourself.You may know yourself and your priorities better and feel that you have more to offer in a relationship. You may worry that having had cancer will make it more difficult to find people to date, and how your date will react.You may feel different about yourself and uncertain about your future or where a new relationship will fit into your life.

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