Catholic dating a jew

I respected that he put that out there so early on, so that I could choose whether to invest in a relationship with him or not, knowing that that could be a deal-breaker. First, you need to know exactly what you want and what you’re willing to compromise on.

This issue is standing in the way of me feeling all-in in this relationship, so is there a way I can actually get him to talk about this subject?Though we are definitely not to that point yet, I like the idea.There’s only one problem: he’s Catholic and I am Jewish.I know that our different religions is an obstacle, but I want them to be one that we can overcome.To that end, when we started talking about marriage to each other, I brought up the “religion question,” but whenever I bring it up, he shuts it down or shrugs it off, saying that it doesn’t matter what religion you raise kids with, as long as you give them good morals.

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To be honest, it wouldn’t have been crazy to discuss this subject much, much earlier on — say a month into your relationship (at least, in an abstract sort of way).

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