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While sex is biological, gender is a social construct.We are trained from childhood to behave in certain gendered ways.So that also becomes a focus for people who are disenfranchised to gather.They have a space online to create symbols for what they are against.As gaming — which was once seen as nerd stuff — has become popular, so have other nerd subcultures, including nerd humor and the way we talk on the internet, as opposed to how we talk in offline interactions. So internet culture is a part of games culture, in a way.

He defended President Trump’s decision to fire former FBI Director James Comey and the decision abandon back Obama administration criminal justice reforms.Those things are interrelated, especially as they are manifested in gaming.As a society and as parents and adults, we have failed to educate them, and I think that we’ve left young men woefully unprepared in ways that end up being harmful — not only to women, but to themselves.But we should likewise be talking about what it means to dehumanize boys and men.We don’t really talk about boys and men as violence objects.

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The patriarchal norms that inform misogyny and sexism don’t do boys and men any favors.

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