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But, if you don’t know how to define and maintain your personal and relational boundaries, you’ll be in serious trouble.That was the topic of my last article, concerning living with paper fences.All together now: Tell this guy in no uncertain terms to knock it off or you’re out of there.You don’t really need to know his motivations; he needs to know you mean business and you’re not going to keep dating an insensitive clod.His intimidation, belittling and yelling have done just that--paralyzed her.Like dealing with the bully in the sandlot, cowering and living in fear simply gives them more power over us.We could all make guesses as to why he does it, but we’d just be guessing and that is not the point.

As a Clinical Psychologist, many of the problems I face concern boundaries—or more specifically, the lack of boundaries.My birthday was two days ago and he was well aware but chose to not even say Happy Birthday.It hurts but knowing I will only feel worse if I confront him, and cripples me from speaking to him. This woman is living in an extremely difficult situation.He may always be a bully, but you don’t have to hide in the corner of the playground. When he yells, tell him to please lower his voice if he wants you to listen.We have been entrusted with being stewards of ourselves—we were bought with a price, and we are to take good care of ourselves.

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  1. No chit-chat, no flirting, no movie-dinner or any of the "rules" that usually apply, before you can get laid. Hmm, you're one of those lazy chicks or poor motherfuckers?