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They were excavated at a key site, which is widely believed to have been occupied by some of first modern humans to arrive in Europe.

Perhaps because group members are so often dispersed, protective and leadership roles are not conspicuous.The Prehistoric Archaeology Blog is concerned with news reports featuring Prehistoric period archaeology.If you wish to see news reports for general European archaeology, please go to The Archaeology of Europe Weblog., the scientists report new results of radiocarbon dating for animal bones, excavated in the same archaeological layers as the musical instruments and early art, at Geißenklösterle Cave in the Swabian Jura of southern Germany.Nevertheless, her evidence shows that among males communication relating to rank is almost constant, that rank reversals almost always involve violence, and that the losers of dominance struggles sometimes disappear.Christopher Boehm (1999, 34) insists that both male and female adults “must salute any higher-ranking adult male with a submissive greeting…” (I once learned from a witness to such an event in England about a century ago that an employee who failed to tip his cap to his employer might expect a whiplash in the face).

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Females often look to the dominant male for protection against infanticide, whether by females higher in the dominance order or, much more commonly, by males trying to take over the group.

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