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I can never write those words without tearing up—they move me so.My greatest desire in life is to be in constant eyelash-to-eyelash relationship with God.Two days later, on January 30, I celebrate our two-year convalidation anniversary.The help of Reconciliation During the season we spent going through the annulment process, the sacrament of Reconciliation became a place of solace for me—even though I could not receive the full benefits of the sacrament. In Reconciliation we return to an eyelash-to-eyelash position with God.But I don’t know whether this is possible and, if so, how to accomplish it. It’s possible that the upcoming ceremony itself, given the proper permissions, could be recognized by the Catholic Church as a valid marriage.What are the requirements for having a marriage convalidated by the Catholic Church? Your daughter’s fiance, now a practicing Christian charismatic, would not be considered a Catholic and a dispensation can be granted for what is considered a “mixed marriage.” Also, not infrequently the Catholic Church allows non-Catholic clergy to officiate at such a mixed marriage (especially if the officiant has a close connection with the non-Catholic family) — and sometimes in a nonreligious setting (e.g., a garden).

This led to a desire to live in ever greater conformity to Christ, and that is what helped me, body and soul, to walk this annulment road.

So your daughter and her fiance should speak with a local Catholic priest, who will know his diocese’s guidelines and will help them seek the necessary permissions.

If for some reason this does not work out, then subsequently, sometime after the ceremony that is planned, the marriage could be convalidated (or “blessed”) in the Catholic Church.

The complying relative’s descendants are now enjoying financial comfort, while the other’s family has suffered a huge reversal of fortune.

Is the saying I quoted first of any relevance here? Certain passages in Scripture — taken in isolation — would seem to lend credence to the adage you quote.

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