Cupidjunction dating daemon tools lite stuck updating virtual devices

Hennessy prefers the flat-fee subscription model, in part because it is reliable income, and it is easier to project for publishers the kind of revenue they can expect from a partnership.

In the race for critical mass, there has been lot of consolidation on the top end: Ticketmaster wedding both and Oneand; Match Net seducing Social Net; and udate exchanging vows with

To be sure, personals do have some extraordinary costs over static content, since they require a scalable technology that can handle profile matching and create dynamic pages.

And when you are dealing with people's hearts, customer support is critical.

And since it requires only seven FTEs to manage, "It's an exceptional business-very high margins," he contends.

"Having one of the largest female audiences on the Web, we realized early on that we needed to create a site that was very female-centric," says Shawn Gold, co-president, e Universe.Different Strokes But now that users and publishers seem more willing to engage the power of the personals, the question becomes how many players the space can support and which of several business models will prove the most viable? You have to be distributed broadly enough to intercept the available singles looking for services." So, promotes its wide selection, 1.8 million member profiles that are fueled by strategic placement on AOL, MSN, Ask Jeeves, and incentives or revenue share when content partners deliver paying customers.Rather than subscription fees, it uses a ladies' night model where women can contact men in the database for free, but men must buy credits (3 for .95) to do so.Women prefer this pay-per-contact fee structure because it gives them a greater sense of security and "they receive higher quality contacts and less spam," says Gold.

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