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You gave an honest estimate based on your experience which took a long time to get.

Quotes are fixed but estimates can be changed by agreement, however you should charge what was agreed, especially as you had to understand the situation to spot the shortcut. Accept it - the next job you may not be as accurate- also your clients pay you for results unless you charge yourself out by the hour...

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Ultimately, your value as a contractor depends on how prospective customers perceive your value and so you may consider that giving them a reduced rate on this case is worth it for a bump in perceived value for future work. That means that where it takes longer to build something that you promise for a flat rate, you charge what you promise.

You can also see where rules like "don't let developers discuss billing with the clients" come from. you believe it will benefit client relations for future work.OK, before Rick Bayless tries to sue me, let me CLEARLY state, I DO NOT think there is anything sexual or technically inappropriate between Rick and his daughter Lanie…I mean come on Rick, you are obviously unable to see what everyone else sees.Aren’t you missing a therapist appointment or something?These two giggle and flirt back and forth worse than Jerry Seinfeld and Sheila on the “Shmoopy” episode.

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