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P&C was an interesting and innovative company in its own right, and readers can refer to our article on The P&C Hand Forged Tool Company for more information.At this point we have to pause our quick pass through Plomb history to provide a long overdue correction.In 1940 Plomb began a series of acquisitions with the purchase of the Cragin Tool Company of Chicago.The identity and history of Cragin Tool had been a long-standing mystery, but in January of 2010 Alloy Artifacts was able to identify Cragin as the successor (by name change) of the Bog Manufacturing Company, a maker of automotive specialty tools active from the 1920s onward.If we recall that Bog Manufacturing operated at Menard Street in Chicago from the 1920s on, we can see that the "old plant at Menard St." is an obvious reference to the Bog Manufacturing factory purchased by Plomb with its 1940 acquisition of Cragin Tool.In conclusion, we see that the Penens Corporation, at least in its production facilities, was substantially the same as the Cragin Tool/Bog acquisition.Our second clue comes from page 114 of the 1948 Volume 24 of .A notice under "Penens plant moved" states "Announcement has been made that the plant of the Penens Corp.

from 1941 to 1949." (Readers new to Plomb Tool should note that Pendleton and Proto are later names for the company.) This is a very promising lead, as it places Penens in Chicago and shows that it was already operating in 1941 as a subsidiary of Plomb.

Around 1942 Plomb landed a major tool supply contract with the U. Government, for which it shipped a special line of "Wright Field" WF series tools.

The WF tools were an important contribution to the war effort, and Plomb was able to effectively utilize the additional manufacturing facilities it had acquired. Danielson Company for more information.) In 1946 Plomb ran into an odd problem: it was sued for trademark infringement by Fayette R.

The problem is that exhaustive searches have failed to turn up any trace of a "Penens Corporation" tool company prior to the 1940s.

Tool companies of the caliber acquired by Plomb don't just materialize from nowhere, so the origin of Penens has been a long running mystery.

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