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How do we "discipline" our children without resorting to physical acts of intimidation?

Experts are using words commonly associated with yoga and meditation like being conscious, awake and mindful to connect, engage and learn from our children, not just mold them into the people we want them to be. A self-described mother martyr goes on a solo journey and rediscovers the value of her own joy.

The idea was cooked up in 2013 by the foodie minds of Melanie Kosaka ... It surged through the halls, our dining room and my son’s bedroom. On Oprah's Super Soul Sunday, the former Roman Catholic monk said, "I go to my computer, and I sit down and meditate for a while, and I think of something, some thought, that I think people really would like to hear—would like to ...evgenyatamanenko/Thinkstock Here are four ways you can transform your most trying parenting challenges into spiritual lessons.

Kosamtu/Thinkstock Understanding the difference between genuine intuition and a bout of paranoia. I watched in horror as the water rose and fell like a geyser. Until I had the courage to return to the sewage and figure out how to stop it, it would continue to ruin everything in sight. It's an evergreen topic at parenting groups everywhere.

Rebound relationships after divorce happen for a number of reasons.

By giving yourself time to heal after the end of your marriage, however, you will be able to make better choices about the next person you choose to become involved with.

Give me a cup of tea and well-worn book, and the outside noise quiets in reverence to the words on a page. It’s the one constant while friends, jobs and situations ebb and flow.

"It was relief not envy that poured through me after reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s September O article, “Self, Centered.” Instead of viewing solo spiritual journeys as, “irresponsible, frivolous,” or “selfish,” she argued it was a human “right” and even necessary. As a stay at home mom with two little kids, bathroom time was my only alone time.

I was al..."Jane Murao says she was frustrated with the process of delivering Ikea products to Hawaii, so she launched Haul2hi.

Finding social networking sites that attract a large pool of single users makes it that much easier to get out there and find someone.

It also makes it easier for those who don't find a match to still have fun networking online.

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BEFORE BECOMING A global franchise operation, L&L began in the 1950s as a modest business called L&L Dairy, owned by father and son Robert Lee and Robert Lee Jr.

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