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It just does not feel right to me that this practice should continue and be tolerated.

But just for your benefit that I am not making this up and that I am a real person, you can find my profile in linkedin (OF) – I work for ________, an _______ company and I am one of their executives and also a freqent traveller. We are also re-posting the email we sent to the DFA.If we really want a corrupt-free government, PLEASE help in stopping this practice in DFA.Thank you very much for your attention and I hope you could help in ensuring this reaches Sec Cayetano. Instead of the DFA’s much-awaited answer, we got the dreaded Mailer Daemon notices.We are re-posting the concerned citizen’s letter (full and unedited) to Sassot: Hi Sass, I have been reading and following your blogs for quite some time now and I have seen how you have made efforts to help or raise concern on matters that impact our country or the government.I would like to request your help in escalating my concern to Sec Peter Cayetano regarding the passport appointment system in DFA.

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