Dating service outsourcing

Today I came across two good friends, guy and girl, living in New York City and single.

They decided, why not try dating one another for 40 days and they are blogging about the…

I rather just meet for a 15 minute “coffee date” (I prefer tea btw) in person than ramble mindlessly on the phone with a stranger when I could…

Christian is a man of very few letters: only four that spell "fool," as Cyrano might say.

Busy guys, guys who can't write, shy guys, guys who fear online rejection, guys who haven't dated in years or guys who just find the process leading up to the date "really repetitive" can now pay virtual impostors to get dates for them.

But he is smart enough to turn to a sharper wit to help him win a woman's heart.

Now, in the world of online dating, Cyrano-style services are for rent to any fool--er, guy--with a valid credit card.

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Dating Done for You, based in Toronto, takes it one step further by offering the services of a female staff member who will role-play a date with clients over the phone, and then give feedback.

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