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Hello My boyfriend who I'll call Miles just told me he wants to get engaged in the next few months.

No matter what kind of family you came from, your notion of family will be different once you get married.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to forfeit your bank account and let your husband manage all of the money, but from now on, your purchases and your livelihoods are entwined.

What this means is that your debts are now your spouse’s debts, and your financial successes are now your spouse’s financial successes (and vice versa).

Take the time to celebrate the anniversary of the first time you kissed or the first time you went to a movie together.

Just because you aren’t dating doesn’t mean you can’t date your spouse.

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Living a life together isn’t always going to be filled with fun times, and part of marriage is helping each other get through every type of problem and helping them solve it.

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