Our dating advice pages are packed with dating tips and advice, do’s and don’ts for men and women, and what you should expect from dating in 2017. Follow our ultimate guide to pick-up lines for simple ways you stay cool under pressure and start something special.If you’re thinking about trying online dating for the first time, we can show you a whole host of reasons why you should give it a go, as well as helping you get started at a pace that’s feels right for you. Why not read our tips on what not to say in your dating profile or our top 10 ways to tell if he likes you. Or maybe you’re simply feeling the pressure to impress.We’ve put together some dating tips and answers to the most common questions about love and romance to help you navigate the world of dating and get your dating experience off to a smooth start.After getting the advice you need to become a pro dater you can register for free here to get dating!Over the weekend of 3-5 August 2018, I presented some workshops at the Magnesia Festival in Helsinki.

With some major projects underway, our sites will get a facelift and some new sections for our users.What I'm Working On: I can't believe September is already over, but I'm super excited about October — not just for Halloween, but also for all the great content we have coming out on Dating and Dating The industry is growing so quickly, and there's lots to cover.In addition, we are restructuring some of the content team to bring new types of content to our sites.What I'm Working On: October marks the beginning of the final quarter of 2018 and includes some of my favorite things - pumpkins, fun decor, and hopefully cooler weather! I will be focusing on third quarter payroll filings and taxes along with daily revenue tracking, invoicing, payroll, and bill payments.

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Gift giving doesn’t have to involve spending a lot of money. Me Without You Me Without You is a cross between a children’s book, and […] Let’s avoid “the usual” advice.

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