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[edit on Git Hub] Chef Client is released on a monthly schedule with new releases the first Wednesday of every month. For a detailed list of changes see the Chef changelog Chef 14 includes a large number of resources ported from community cookbooks.

These resources have been tested, improved, and had their functionality expanded.

This allows you make breaking changes to enterprise or community cookbooks with friendly notifications to downstream cookbook consumers directly in the Chef run.

We’ll release a new build with support for our other platforms (AIX, Solaris, and mac OS) as soon as possible.

Many resources in Chef itself are now using this new functionality, and you’ll see more updated to take advantage of this it in the future.

Chef 14 provides new primitives that allow you to deprecate resources or properties with the same functionality used for deprecations in Chef Client resources.

Configurable DMI Whitelist The whitelist of DMI IDs is now user configurable using the additional_dmi_ids configuration setting, which takes an Array.

Filesystem2 on BSD The Filesystem2 functionality has been backported to BSD systems to provide a consistent filesystem format.

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