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This collection of blog tools and widgets will give you greater control over placing Delicious tools in blog sidebars.

Especially nice is the us custom size tag cloud which is perfect for Ning accounts.

There are a number of tools out there that cater to these users, some of which still even stick by the old us moniker.

Here are over 80 tools for everything from your mobile device to your blog, and more, that can help you view your bookmarks in new and unique ways, backup your bookmarks in a secure location, take your bookmarks with you on the go, blog about your most recent saves, and then some.

It’s been hours since I’ve been in here, and it was midday, the sun reaching its peak.

With the last swing, the door knob fell from its hidges and onto the floor with a clatter, a shiver of excitement shit through me. ’ I yelled mentally, opening the door, and peeking my out to see no sign of life, as it was eerily quite.I could feel his tongue swiping along my neck, black dots began to crawl from the corner of my eyes, everything becoming a blur of words and movement.I felt myself fall limp, submerging in the dark world that awaited me.My eyebrows creased in thought, then again I wasn’t eating for one anymore, I was eating for two; me and my baby.My hand lowered down to my stomach, touch the small bump over my shirt, with a defeated sigh, I shuffled out the bed; the cool air beating against my bare legs as I pad over to the plate.

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