Did nat and rosalina dating in real life

If you do not like my writing style, that's okay, but don't bother me with your comments if you don't like the style. If you don't like the story in general, don't comment, but if you do like it, feel free. Allie's laughter woke up Alex, David, Qaasim, and Cooper. "Your mom asked me to wake you up...so, it's time to get up..." she said. She was less than pleased..."WHAT IS GOING ON IN HERE! That is, until Polly came in and was whacked in the face by Alex.

"Sure Nat, whatever, I have to go, Polly wants me on set to help the designer pick out my clothes. " said Allie pretending to blow a kiss then laughed and walked out. "You got yourself in deep my brother." said Alex who put his arm around Nat. Every head was turned his way and they all stopped laughing."er sorry, I bit my toung..." said Nat which made everyone laugh harder."Alright, I'll do it." said Allie. Allie leaned in and Nat closed his eyes and leaned in..."This is it..." thought Nat. When their lips almost touched Qaasim said "for ten seconds." which made them turn his way and glare."QAASIM! "Okay, fine longer." he said and made everyone laugh. Besides, we have to tomorrow anyway, might as well get it over with." said Allie. "Oh yeah, I mean, it's not the first time..." said Nat which in turn, made the guys said "ohhhhhhhh" in a taunting way. Dear Reader, Okay, this is the very first Chapter in the Naked Brothers Band: Real Life Series. I am the author of another website (listed on my bio) and have written almost ten chapters at the moment. Nat laughed evilly."Okay, I dare you to kiss Little Grace!

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Alex covered his mouth and Nat had to bite his toung to keep from strangling Qaasim..

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