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I don’t know if that’s true or not but regardless it’s disgusting.Her “man” has a young child and this crazy cvnt walks around acting like this child’s mother when she’s never even given birth in her life. This bitch is truly the definition of mentally unstable.She has no interest in single men and is carrying DRDs.Someone expose this sad girl before she infects all of Europe and Asia!So whatever you do, don’t hire this woman or date her because she’s looking for her next victim.THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi I’m Mackaylee Beach I’m 24 years old and fuk my married boss whose 40 years old with two kids.

She has lost cases in Civil Court, Criminal Court and the Texas Workforce Commision.

I say thing and not WOMEN because this bitch is far from lady like.

Meet Sarah Place, this bitch is by far the most disgusting thing I’ve ever laid eyes on.

She is known to ruin relationships and mess around with guys who have girlfriends.

Her pu55y is loose and my homie said it smells like fish.

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