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However, there are too few life/path choices and you wind up with a fairly slow, if easy, grind.

It`s a good one for those that like something simple to get through and try different endings, but it lacks depth.

Unfortunately, scammers also are busy trying to take advantage.

You want to make sure your money gets in the hands of charities you want to help. Anyone who tells you to pay with a gift card is a scammer.

Not-so-much playable anymore as the pop-up ad for your new lopgold game "living with a nympho" covers the whole area where you are supposed to click for progression in-game. I know you get 200 when the get raped buy the mob boss which I could barely stomach but until the chick that owns the nice club gives you 500.

rnrn Bad design of the pop-up - you now have to scroll the window up to see the picture and read dialogue and then back down to press the button. Initial gameplay is a little slow and tedious but after a quick playthrough messing up everything just to experiment and find what doesn`t work the game becomes much faster. You can`t even see B list clients until you get 1000.

There's a good chance your computer's been hacked or infected with a virus. From tax forms to family photos, the files on your computer are valuable. Then report it to the Federal Trade Commission at If you have a complaint about international scams or cross-border fraud, report it at

Gossips about friends : - I saw you talking with Ted, yesterday. - *Stare deeply into her eyes* Ask her for a date Buy item : - Spiked Wrist Band 30$ - Blindfold 70$ Hmm, I could get used to this That you are not who you pretend to be Smart, sexy, sensitive, I could go on I don`t know, I just feel that we... The gameplay balanced i think, but in the sometimes it gets a little boring, because not a lot of things happen (more story breaks please). the only thing i don`t think is really necessary is the car driving, it`s quite annoying and buying new cars is too expensive at the beginning and isn`t really worth the money imo^^ still it`s one hell of a flash game. This is a great game for what it`s worth, really addicting to try and max out all of the stats and very difficult on the first try, it takes some time to get used to but after you get into a good day rotation it`s really nice.

connect Continue Give Spiked Wrist Band to Emily Touch her legs Kiss her Remove her shirt Lick a salt Drink a tequila Bite a lemon Squeeze the lemon on her breasts Let her pick it up Touch her boobs Touch her there Move your hand there Give her a blindfold Kiss shoulder Kiss belly Kiss her just above the skirt Lower her skirt Remove panties Remove your pants Ask her gently to suck you off Remove your dick from Emily`s mouth On her face endings: 1 stop at the start 2 stop at her home 3 touch her boobs 4 screw up with the tequila 5 dont take the cock out her mouth and then select leave 6 cum inside the condom 7 cum on her boobs 8 cum in her face I like that game. It was a good choice to remove the car from the game, I think that it was annoying to drive around all the time. worth every second of waiting for it^^ It was a great game in my opinion if i could give one piece of advice make it more smooth gameplay wise i had the feeling sometimes i was just repeating the events. I`d advise buying a bed as soon as possible to give you more time each day!

Maybe add a mini-game which you could a) play to get better money and reputation results or b) skip to get the standard rep and money results? The stories are great and immersive and it`s nice to find games that appear geared towards the women for once. A hint- after you get your total combat up to fifty, keep going in and out of stripclub to fight and gain Reputation. To get Politicians build rep fast (see above) and dress well.

I rated this 90 but would go to 100 if the sex scenes were more interactive. Towards the end I would exit out if I dont get Politicians and start again from last save.

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Many charities do a great job supporting our nation’s veterans, but a few take advantage of people’s generosity.

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