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It was the sort of thing I didn’t grow up wanting to do, so my entire life’s happiness wasn’t predicated on my success as an actor. I’m the kind of girl that dives into the deep end of the pool just to see how deep it actually is.

Her paintings were influenced by Mark Rothko, with vibrant use of color and large scale pieces, as well as elements of three dimensional effect.

Art critic Lea Mattarella reviewed Holloman's works in La Repubblica: "Holloman's paintings take us elsewhere, and at the end of the day, this is what art is all about".

Holloman's painting, "Swell", was chosen to be part of the group show entitled "Nell' Acqua Capisco" at the Venice Biennale, 2013.

What has the pursuit of the dream been like for you here in Los Angeles? I think what a lot of people also take for granted is the discipline required to be a successful actor. If you think about it, your job is mostly to be rejected as opposed to be a performer.

I have been rejected thousands of times, and yes, it’s for that one chance to be on screen and do what you love. Did you do a lot of training as an actress before auditing?

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