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In what might be a move of political opportunism, he aligned himself with Blackburn Rovers.

Cristina Kirchner has been president of Argentina since 2007.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has a great deal of interest in the beautiful game, often attending international tournaments in an official capacity to cheer on Die Nationalmannschaft.

Evidently, she is particularly keen on the pursuits of Bastian Schweinsteiger.

This week, he told Vladimir Putin probably does not have an awful lot of time for football—particularly in the current climate—but the Russian President is a native of St. If we were to speculate, we would say his favourite player is Hulk, as both he and the Brazilian enjoy being pictured with their shirts off.

Shadow Deputy Prime Minister Jack Straw was born in Essex and is utterly devoid of a Lancashire drawl, but he has been the Labour MP for Blackburn since 1979.

By nature of the inaccessibility of the Engadin—geographically and economically—there is nothing bashful about the privilege on display, obnoxious enough to embarrass a peacock.

From men (and children) in the furriest full-length furs, endangered no doubt, to dogs dressed better than me (ok, that doesn’t take much), this is a freak show beyond Lucas’s Mos Eisley bar in Star Wars. Moritz will never abate, and ensures the place won’t open up anytime soon—unless you are filthy rich, of course, and then lo and behold, all prejudices fall by the wayside.

As an aside, the hotel was the site of one of the most egalitarian acts of generosity recorded: in 2006, its childless owners, —fat, stinking cigars especially, which are consumed by men, woman, and kids alike.Many, however, still find time in their schedules to back their favourite football team—although some may use the love of a club as a political tool, making them seem more down-to-earth and likeable.(I'm not naming names but on an unrelated note, there is a nice picture of David Cameron British Prime Minister David Cameron is desperate to be regarded as a man of the people—rather than a privately-educated Oxford graduate who rides horses in his spare time—so he has aligned himself with Aston Villa.Tropez.” At 15,000 and 16,000, respectively, the populations of St.Moritz’s Engadin valley and Knokke are remarkably similar: both boast a history of illustrious artist inhabitants, with Giovanni Giacometti (and family), Giovanni Segantini, and Gerhard Richter in St.

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