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You lose touch with reality, seeing only the positive.Instead you are locked on the target, the fix - Hotwired and ready to do outrageous things, sometimes self-destructive things, all you need to be with him.I work in Sales and I also am attending school right now.I love to learn new things, especially when it comes to men. If you're looking for a cool chick to hang with or an intellegent woman Hi!I just returned to the North West after traveling the world for a year and am already bored with the same old people and places.Like everyone else I'm looking for love and the right hombre.

How in the world a person is supposed to understand which sites or miss sir is right on?

Hi, I am 55, I am very out going like to be wine and dined, and in returned the same. A bililingual t middle school teacher plus, divorced with 2 boys,but living single now. I'm just me, I don't know how to be anyone else, I don't spend hours in front of the mirror,.. Hi, I am moving to the western KY area and just looking to make a few friends before i get there.

I'm a 38 years old, Pisces5'2,145lbs,propotionate, Puerto Rican. So my ideal mate would be one who can carry himself with dignity, someone whom the world can look up to and admire and be in awe of.

I feel life is what you make of it, so I am looking for someone who is grounded yet spontaneous. I'm a 30 year old woman who's looking for that special someone.

I love children, although i've never had any of my own, nor have I been married..waiting for the right one, I guess! Something personal about my self would be im very kind hearted and loving person that would love to be married someday.

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  1. This means fun and fascinating excursions away from crowds and bright city lights would be the best dating activities for these two. Still, to make their dates perfect, each should begin or end with a stop by an eclectic café, outdoor preferably, where they can quietly talk and laugh about their time together and get to know one another.