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in journal Energy Conversion and Management, August 2009.

It is a life-cycle assessment study of vehicles that summarized 9 additional studies, all published in peer-reviewed journals.

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The findings are quite interesting, and show the impact both of a country’s fuel mix and efficiency level on the amount of energy used to build a vehicle and the proportion it accounts for life-cycle energy use. Life cycle assessment of the road transport sector.

For a typical American car of 1324 kg (2,919 lbs), the figures were (in Mega Joules): Material Production 93,730 MJ Car Assembly 25,240 MJ Total 119,150 MJ For a typical Chinese car of 765 kg (1,767 lbs) , the figures were: Material Production 149,720 MJ Car Assembly 17,430 MJ Total 167,150 MJ The higher material production figure for China is almost entirely due to the fact that its electricity system is 80% powered by coal, so in primary energy terms, each k Wh of electricity used translates into more total primary energy than would be the case in the US.

The average mpg is 35, and the typical vehicle miles traveled per year is 9000 km, or 5590 miles. If the car is used for 10 years and driven the same amount each year, total consumption would reach 3570 gallons of gasoline. Automobile life cycle assessment issues at end-of-life and recycling. Life cycle inventory study on magnesium alloy substitution in vehicles. In this situation, the embodied energy of a car accounts for just 22% of the energy consumed by the car over its lifetime. We have guys from all over The USA looking to show you a good time. All women who register right now get an instant account upgrade which gives them unrestricted access for the lifetime of their membership.Message or receive as many messages as you like and never pay a dime.

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As a result, the embodied energy of a Chinese car would account for 47% of the total energy consumed by the car over its lifetime. Life cycle comparison of fuel cell vehicles and internal combustion engine vehicles for Canada and the United States.

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