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According to the Electronics Frontier Foundation (EFF) - one of the most prominent digital rights groups - some secure messaging apps offer more privacy against Big Brother intrusions and general surveillance than others.

The organization has even rated them in a scorecard by various internal criteria, with only a few covering all requirements, including ones like "Out of the handful of secret messaging platforms that fulfill most requirements, an even lesser amount are what can be called user-friendly, meaning that they don't require an overly complex setup, and function largely like your everyday chat app of choice.

The devs from Open Whispers recently rolled their secure messaging and encrypted voice call platforms in one Signal app.

They also redesigned the interface, making Signal a one-stop-shop for all your private communications needs, be it private chat, secure file exchange, or encrypted calls.

Omegle allows you to share the chat log in your Facebook account or to download it to your PC. It allows you talk to your friends or to random strangers.

One cool feature of this web app is that people who are available for a random chat are presented in 3D bubbles with their profiles.

It has data centers all over the globe, routing you through the closest possible server.

Of all the web apps that have discussed above, Random Dorm is the one that could have a positive purpose.

It could connect great minds leading to awesome innovations (highly unlikely) or at the very least it could help students to hook up across campuses.

You should have a email id provided by your University or college to register and take part in a conversation.

The site also supports Facebook Connect, however, the email id with which you have registered in Facebook should be id. Apart from being an extremely hilarious idea, I noted a few funny things in these web apps.

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  1. Kepada adik2 yg belom cukup umur atau under 18, seboleh2nya abaikan nota yg 1 ini. :-) Kpd sahabat yg dah cukup bilangan umur tu, x kisah la dah kawin atau bujang, jom sama2 baca nota ni. Yg masih bujang, jadikannya sebagai panduan bila dah berkahwin nanti, kpd yg dah kahwin, jgn lak nak praktis kat org yg salah pulak ye... Apakah anda harus makan ubat moden (allopati) Vigra atau anda harus makan herba-herba mahal yang tidak pasti khasiatnya.