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I use my cellphone to make international calls once in a blue moon.

I always defend my thearies until I'm blue in the face when a topic crops up among a group of my friends.

But afterwards all my relatives got together to celebrate the good news, and this made me really happy because in my family it happens once in a blue moon. People are languid with the heat, sitting in the shadows of trees and buildings. And it also was a bolt from the blue when for me when I won this contest and became the beauty queen. I can come to Taiwan for further study is a bolt from the blue already. Once in a blue moon, I have such a beautiful dream.

Because ,my parents always don't support me and reject me to go overthere for further study. I couldn't skip it Someday a couple gave birth to twins, Jenny and Rachel . Luckily, they also went to the same school and studied in the same class at the age of 13~18.

That event was onece in a blue moon for the teacher. My mother is visiting me today as a bolt from the blue ! But I'm kind of happy because she's coming here to go to a great hospital around here.

Doctors have explained that the cause was smoking ...I am very angry because I always said to my father: "don't smoke! once in the blue moon, I would like speak English with my a I can,t meet her who just deid recently and she like be talkative with me when we went school sometime i don,t get her speak i try learn to Englis. In our office, my manager use to work in his laptop all the day I was amazed to see that he's working all the day to make our organization the world's best but i was surprised to see one day that he use to play on his laptop and once in a blue moon he went to the field that surprise me alot. And I can imagine this lovely picture until I am blue in the face!Last night, my two young brother played game and at 11: pm ,their mother called them went to sleep, but they didn't go. Of course, snow is not once in a blue moon in Russia, but in winter! However, I can become closer to my dream, taking some brushes, bright colors and snow-white paint, a leaf of paper and drawing snowflakes and scorching city background! I'd like to tell you a story which happened to me two years ago. Every year different interesting competitions are organized in my University.Last year,in September it was a rainy day the lottery sellers had so many slack lotteries and the lottery sellers kept their slack lotteries and at 4.30 pm they won those lotteries. i love my sister, really.sometimes i don't put up with her attitude, but we quarrel once in a blue moon, just like last week when she said me she'd like to do a tatoo it was exactly a bolt from the blue!! I wanted to marry a girl whom i loved but i couldnt tell my mom.Suddenly the next day my mom came and told me that she has fixed my engagement to her so it was a bolt from blue to me.

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This kind of things don't happen every day but once in a blu moon.

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