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What’s more, they also provide perspective on the candidate’s “strengths and limitations” so that you can “support the person” once he’s hired. After all, she says, the goal with any reference check is to “go beyond simply verifying facts” on a resume.Here are some tips to make the most of reference checks. Think, too, about who is best positioned to provide the context and insight you seek, says Fernández-Aráoz.”If you’re at a networking event “hello I’m…what company are you here with?”The trick is to just get the ball rolling and it’s a lot easier to do if you can find something to comment on in your surroundings.With teens, it’s important to discuss intimate partner abuse as they begin dating. Children who are reluctant to discuss their feelings verbally may find solace in art or journaling.Whatever your situation or step in the process of leaving, make sure children understand that the violence they may see at home is not OK. “Some children will use words and some will not,” Crowe says.“Having the conversation is hard on the survivor and may trigger anxiety and traumatic memories,” says Lizeth Toscano, a parenting educator with Echo Parenting and Education. Silence is saying it’s OK that the violence happened.” Here are six tips for talking to children about violence. That’s easy, Toscano says: “Whenever the child is ready.” She suggests asking open-ended questions after an incident, such as “That must have been scary for you to see. ” Toscano also advises parents to be on the lookout for nonverbal cues in children. “If your child starts developing a lot of tummy aches and would rather stay with you than go to school, that’s a sign he or she needs to talk.” 2. Children are more aware than parents like to think they are.Don’t ever think your child is too young to see what’s going on.

But parents need to address the issue, whether or not they plan to leave. When is the right time to talk about violence within the home?And how do you overcome the fact that so many companies only allow you to talk to HR and confirm the most basic information?What the Experts Say Checking references is often seen as one small piece of the hiring protocol—the final motion to go through before you extend a formal offer to a candidate.If you ask people for advice, typically people love to help and it is a great way to spark up a conversation.Complimenting is also a great way to loosen people up.

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