Her first time dating another woman

Ask her, “do you like it better when I do this or this?

” Or see which approach makes her moan louder or breathe heavier.

Once you’ve got her going, make sure you spend particular attention to her clitoris.

Most women need repetitive, consistent clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm.

Don’t cut your nails right before hooking up; they’ll still be too rough and sharp to touch her.

What exactly that step may be varies between couples, just as it varies between the stages in any relationship.

In general, women like one of three different approaches: clitoral stroking, penetration with your fingers, or both at the same time.

Try a couple clitoral strokes, like circling around her clitoris with one finger, gliding diagonally across the surface, rubbing up and down, or going side to side.

Artificial lube will not only decrease her discomfort (and any potential pain), but it will also increase her sensitivity and help your fingers move more deftly.

I think silicone lubricant lasts longest and feels best against the skin.

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Before we get into technique, I want to encourage you to do some exploration on your own first.

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