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Even though it was reformulated, it's still to this day my all time favorite fragrance. This continues to sell at many drugstores and affordable shopping centers such as Walmart and Burlington Coat Factory. Previously I'd dismissed this fragrance as a modern male-attracts-male kind of scent but I was narrow minded at that time.Back in the day, *cough* 1980's; Ronald Reagan was President of the U. This cologne is for anyone that likes good cologne. The detectable opening notes are a light soapy assortment of citruses and lavender, coriander and nutmeg.The fragrance contains a pheromone called civetone derived from the scent glands of a cat-like mammal called the civet, which is often used in cologne. My granpa gave me a bottle of this which he bought in 80's. Now it isn't a thing of the notes or type of scent since I can take the notes in other scents.

Three years ago, the perfume - sprayed on camera traps and cages - was used to trap a leopard in southern Karnataka state.'' Oh BBC! Such a great scent that many people disregard nowadays for its age. Both were released in the same decade (about mid 80's). Obsession comes off as too old for me, which is weird considering I'll go for Stetson, Halston Man Amber and Passion for Men. Longevity and projection is above average, even with modern reformulations.Smells of deer musk (or reindeer musk) and some balsamic amber with vetiver patchouli and sage. But what always gets me is that this smells of pine tree.The pine needles and wood are highly evocative of Christmas trees! I love to wear it when its not hot outside, so this time of the year is a total yes for this fragrance,welcomes Christmas!Obsession for Men was launched in 1986, a year after the female version. When I stop to check out the lions and tigers they stop to check me out. They purr and roll on their backs so you can scratch their belly.This fragrance pair belongs to one of the most popular ones in the 80s. Calvin Klein has always been fascinated by the determination of men in living life. Sweet, Vanilla and God only knows how much cinnamon! I do the cat meow with my tongue teeth and check, I claw at them with one arm and go arrrrr. An animalistic scent for sure, go in peace I was cleaning my room and found a 15ml splash bottle.

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Obsession is up there as one of the nicest cinnamon based perfumes ever! Mellow, smooth spices with nutmeg coming through beautifully. If some Creed released a scent that smelled just like this people would eat it up. I re-smelt this after my Father's bottle ran dry years ago. Obsession dries down to a sensual, warm vanilla with a touch of spice. If you like attention seeking scents, spray loads, and this will be definetely for you!!!

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