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Another radio speech is soon read, outlining the composition of the new Revolutionary Council and announcing changes to Army hierarchy.The G30S leaders begin planning their escape from Halim, to be done before midnight.Suharto (Amoroso Katamsi), awoken early in the morning, denies Untung's announcement, stating explicitly that there is no Generals' Council and making an adjunct record notes on the true nature of G30S.As there is a power vacuum with Yani dead, Suharto takes temporary control of the Army and begins planning a counter-assault with his men; he is, however, unwilling to force a fight.

By the time they realise that something is amiss, it is too late.Aidit (Syubah Asa), Syam, and the Communist Party leadership secretly plan to use this as an excuse for their own coup.The rank and file members of the Party accept the leadership's explanation and, with the help of "forward-thinking" soldiers and officers (mostly from the Air Force), work to gather the Party's forces.The film was used as a propaganda vehicle by the New Order government until its collapse; televised annually on 30 September and became mandatory viewing for students.Since the fall of Suharto in 1998, such use of the film has become less common.

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On the night of 30 September–1 October, seven units are sent to kidnap the generals associated with the Council. Pandjaitan goes willingly, but when he prays for too long before entering the truck he is killed.

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