Idiots dating service

"We wanted to make it apparent these are you're considering.

It's not just a profile," Nathan Sharp, product manager for Facebook dating, said in an interview last week.

The assumption is that you already know your friends and this is about taking advantage of the larger Facebook network.

The controversy caused many people -- including lawmakers -- to wonder if Facebook could be trusted with personal information, so unveiling a product that collects the even more intimate details associated with online courtship strikes a tone-deaf note for some observers."Given their track record with being good custodians of data, I'd be concerned," said Jen King, director of Consumer Privacy at Stanford Law School's Center for Internet and Society."But I feel like people who are going to opt into Facebook matching them with dates probably don't have that level of skepticism." For its part, Facebook said no data from the dating service will be used for advertising targeting.Instead, you'll need to scroll down through a person's profile and tap if you're interested.You'll only see people who aren't your Facebook friends, or people who are friends of friends.

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