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CPT Howland is a passionate strength & conditioning educator who has an audacious goal to become one of the top minds in strength training and performance.Prior to entrance into the military CPT Howland earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science at Oregon State University while working as a personal trainer for four years at Gold’s Gym in Wenatchee, WA and at Oregon State University where he assisted many professional educators in the field of Exercise Science within the Muscle Performance laboratory and Exercise Physiology department.

In the late 80’s, Paschane joined the United States Air Force and served in support of the Panama invasion referred to as "Operation Just Cause" in 1989; the Persian Gulf War from 1990 - 1991 including "Operation Desert Storm" followed by "Operation Desert Shield"; and Somalia from 1992 - 1993.

In August 1984, he was named the Assistant Strength Coach at Rutgers University and remained in that position until July 1990.

In August 1990, Matt returned to Princeton University and has held various positions including Strength Coach and Health Fitness Coordinator (August 1990 to December 1993); Coordinator of Health Fitness, Strength and Conditioning (December 1993 to March 2001); Coordinator of Recreational Fitness and Wellness Programs (March 2001 to June 2007); and Assistant Director of Campus Recreation, Fitness (June 2007 to present).

He is also a student of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Kickboxing. Army from 1986 -1993 in Germany with the 3rd Armored Division, 3rd Infantry Division and Berlin Brigade, Steven also served with Task Force 4-8 Cavalry as a Sergeant in Iraq during Operation Desert Storm.

With more than two decades of success in the fitness industry, Paschane has developed the practical business acumen, communication competence, and innovative mindset that, when combined with his knowledge, experiences and education, puts him in a perfect position to lead VFCC. Kuhn has military ties back to the Revolutionary war where his forefathers fought under General George Washington, in the Civil War his Great Grandfather was a drummer boy, his drum, gloves and other memorabilia are on display in the William Penn Museum in Harrisburg, PA.

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Kuhn is a valued asset of the VFCC community with extensive knowledge on how to break into the European Market and for anyone wishing to develop, build, change direction, buy into, operate or achieve greatness in the Fitness Industry. His recent deployment in Operation Enduring Freedom (completed in November 2012), sets his legacy alongside his long many family members who served in battles raging from the Revolutionary War through the Vietnam era.

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