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I did not expect this frustration from Logitech, and I now have to consider my options.Since I cannot get the camera to do what I bought it for---1080p and 30 fps---I figure that's what one star is all about. The camera control functions allow you to tilt, pan, and zoom.I made an account with Logitech and asked for help. The software says I need to install device drivers for this camera.I would be happy to do that, and maybe the lack of them is why I cannot get 1080p and 30 fps, but I CANNOT find the @#$% drivers on the Logitech website and there is no one to help me!I recently got a call for a gig that had some very Bass intense songs that I did not know.I bought the GB-10, quickly loaded it with about 30 songs and was able to work in any room of my house with headphones and a guitar cable.The GB-10 from Tascam is a trainer/recorder that allows guitar and bass players to learn and record new music.

You have to run the software in Admin mode, and I still can't get 1080p or 30 fps.

The picture is fantastic and I couldn't be happier. I use my web cam for webinars and professional instructional in the field of education. The quality of the video is astounding and the width of the shot is perfect for needing extra space shown behind/beside you for products or charts etc.

This web cam is perfect for professional use but not so complicated or bulky to make it frustrating. Plugged in and up and running right out of the box, used successfully with Skype within the time it took to open Skype and dial someone.

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