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By her real name Margaretha Zelle, she was a Dutch oriental dancer who became famous not only for her talent and sensuality, but also for the rumors that surrounded her. Gas was one of the most effecting and damaging weapon.Thought to be a double agent, she was executed by the French one year before the end of the War. The French were the ones to use it for the first time, in 1914.It was also the first war to involve the use of chemical weapons such as mustard gas.The technology used during that war is not likely to turn many heads today, it is important to note that knowledge on how to counteract such weapons was close to non-existent during those times.It belonged to the French and it was a cannon which could accurately shoot at a 4-mile distance. Named after designer’s Gustav Krupp’s wife, it had almost 50 tons and needed half a dozen soldiers to be handled.

Yes, soldiers of warring sides and they were in the middle of the battlefield.

The other important cause of death among military men was the spread of disease and bad environmental conditions. Russia had the biggest army in World War I, with 12 million soldiers.

Sadly, there were also 25 million civilian casualties during this war. However, two-third of them were either eliminated or lost in battle. Hero soldiers Both sides had courageous and dedicated military men, with astonishing fighting skills.

These interesting and fun facts are worth the read and if it piques your interest, read ahead and find out more fascinating things about an already fascinating war between the world’s greatest powers.

Such great conflict must surely bear great mysteries.

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