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And saying it was an accident and that you were only trying to text them to a friend isn't really a great thing to do, either. - On an unrelated note, the science is really still out on whether those brass wristbands like you're wearing aren't complete and total bunk.

- Anyone who is trying to improve their health by going to a gym shouldn't be mocked, privately or publicly.

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My husband and I have been together for seven years.

A couple of notes for you moving forward, Dani: - Don't take out your phone in the locker room of a gym. - Damn sure don't take photos of naked people you don't know without their knowledge.

- And why the hell would you post them on the internet? Let it eat you up inside until it forces you to do some soul-searching and make changes to become a better person.

He’s always been a GREAT husband, father, and best friend, and he says he will spend an eternity apologizing and making it right.

I called my husband and asked if parenting a toddler and a newborn had been too much. One night after he and I had been at a friend’s house where he got belligerently drunk, and while I was asleep, he was rummaging in the kitchen looking for more whiskey and my mother beckoned him to come to her room.

He, completely out of control, followed her inside where she took off her clothes and bent over the bed. I remember waking up to his tears, asking him what was wrong, and he just whispered that he loves me so.

You sharing this on the internet is likely to discourage a lot of people from going to the gym who already secretly fear people are looking at their bodies and judging them.

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Dani Mathers, 2015 Playboy Playmate of the Year, has apparently decided the best coping strategy for her cruel burden of always being the prettiest person in the room is body-shaming any normies who come into view.

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