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" But a surprising number don't know the differences between their home, profile and timeline pages, or the "news feed" and "wall" appearing on those pages.

Since the power of Facebook's publishing tools rests in such nuances, it's worth taking​ the time to understand them.

And once you understand how Facebook's core features operate, you should find Facebook a livelier, friendlier place.

(If you're already familiar with the core features outlined below, you might want to skip to our step-by-step Facebook Tutorial.) The key is to understand what you are looking at when you view your homepage and your profile/Timeline pages.

On both pages, the left-sidebar navigation links let you change what appears in the center column.

By default, the News Feed appears on your homepage in the center, right below the "Update Status" link where you make status updates.

The News Feed contains a steady stream of short summaries describing activities and messages that your friends are sharing on Facebook.

This stream of updates posted by your Facebook friends is personalized for you; no one else can see it.At that time Facebook put an expanded version of the "most recent" news feed into a narrow, right-hand sidebar ticker that scrolls down your page in real time, showing everything your friends are doing as they are doing it.New users often also fail to realize that while their homepage and its News Feed are private and only get shown to them, their Wall content is by default more public.Some newbies also get confused by the fact that they have two key areas on their Facebook--a homepage and Timeline/Wall--but only see one page (the Timeline/Wall) when they visit their friends on Facebook.It helps to keep in mind that everyone's profile page and associated Timeline/Wall content is meant to be viewable by other people, at least by your friends.

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