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So after my mom and dad told me about her, I watched the show. Even driving over there I still didn't know what I wanted to get.

And then, well, things went south quickly [laughs]. I heard about Kat through my mom and dad, because they watched her show.

You know, I’m used having marks and having to wait for cameras to focus. So you got to kiss Neve Campbell, and then in the movie Blonde and Blonder, you got to kiss Pamela Anderson. Well with Neve, we used tongue, and with Pam we did not [laughs]. ’ There were actually two photographers, and they got really nasty with me.

I’m not used to just being able to walk around wherever I want in front of a camera. They started to yell at me and call me all kinds of names.

My sister, who’s a year and half younger than me, is also in the show with her husband and their kids. In making a decision to do a reality show, I wanted it to be real. I’m a hands-on mom, and if I didn’t have the kids in the show people would wonder where my kids are, and be like, ‘I thought she said she was a hands-on mom and her kids aren’t even in it! There are many reality shows with kids, and no one has ever made, that I know of, negative comments about seeing them on TV.

There’s also my best friend, two more of my girlfriends, and my assistant. And that’s why I chose to have my children be a part of it. Your ex-husband, Charlie Sheen, went to court to block you from featuring your daughters on the show. When I first mentioned it to him, he was fine with it.

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  1. For whatever reason though we get the feeling that this isn’t just a friendship. Benzino is not in the dark though, he knows Karlie has been going on dates, and wonders if he should be proposing to Karlie.

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