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I know because I was living at the poverty line in NYC while I stayed home with my kids. I wanted to be with them for every moment, be a great mom, all that. So I did it no matter what — no financial situation could have stopped me. These women feel lost because you can love your kids and still be bored. For example, I took the kids on a hike yesterday, taking a coat for myself but not for them. Because I wanted to think about things that are more interesting than coats. I mean, intellectuals need intellectual stimulation, and that’s not something kids give. Only an asshole would suggest that because I don’t want to stay home with them all day, I must not love them. For all you guys who Twittered back to me that I’m a bad mom and that I should love being home with my kids, here’s a link for you: CEOs who are on Twitter. Because each of these guys is choosing to go to work instead of stay home with their kids. And all you people who say you’d love to stay home all day with your kids if you could, you are completely full of shit. Because let me tell you something: None of these people needs to earn the money they are earning. Look, I get emails every day from women who left the workforce for kids and feel lost. But in general, you have to pay attention to them every second, even though they are not really doing something every second. The top 10% of the tax bracket system does not need to leave their families to go to work every day. Here’s the blog of a woman who wrote to me two days ago: The Reluctantly Frustrated Stay-at-Home Mom. And as soon as your mind wanders too far, something bad happens. David, can you publicly ask each of these guys if they want to send their kids to your wife in Ohio? Nattavudh Powdthavee, an economist at the University of York, published research in The Psychologist, that concludes, “Social scientists have found almost zero association between having children and happiness.” Scott Stanley, a psychologist at University of Denver, reveals research that shows that marriages are much happier before the couple has children. Here’s another Twitter from David Dellifield: “been on twitter several months, still trying to figure out the conversation part of it” @David Dellifield Maybe you don’t understand the conversation because you have so little self-knowledge to add to the party.

I called him at work, because, big surprise, he is not a stay-at-home dad talking about how everyone should love parenting. Maybe by then he had alerted his wife that he is being pursued by a psycho who maybe will kill her kids or maybe will kill him. So I wrote to David — a “direct message” in Twitter terminology: “I’m surprised by what you wrote.And if you really wanted to be home with your kids all day, you’d do it. But, newsflash: going to work is 10,000 times easier than staying with kids all day. Hoping to meet someone special for a hot, sexual relationship or even just a quick fling?There are sixteen personality types, and only a handful are perfectly tuned for staying home with kids. For example, I love my job but I hate getting up and going to work every day. They are checking their blackberries during soccer because soccer is boring. Or, I love this blog but I often have to force myself to sit down and write a post.

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