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we would wake up hungry and want to eat breakfast at 10 and NOTHING was open.places open at 11 or 12 here and then also take a break in the middle of the day. we found it hard to adjust and one morning got in a big fight because we were so grumpy from walking around looking for food. turns out we both aren’t very nice when we are hungry.i wish i was feeling better because their bloody marys looked legit is difficult to get on the spanish schedule, i gotta was our favorite breakfast, we both got the huevos rancheros.

sometimes it’s nice to book a few nights in a hotel and a few in an apartment so you can experience both! we walked a TON of places and always felt like there was something to do within a few minutes of us.

i am sure there are areas where this is happening, but don’t be afraid if you go, okay?

just watch your purse it was 8 a night and we were told it was a cool area to stay in.

i remember gasping when i saw it because it really is remarkable.

we walked down near the beach because a few guys recommended this seafood spot called can mano.

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